T1 Enterprise is a new analytics investment software technology that will enable users to undertake sophisticated and
comprehensive investment analysis, production and storage of information. T1 Enterprise software is an innovative,
multi-functional, fully flexible and powerful investment software tool that can address the needs of small and
very large investors alike.
Information Management Information Management
Easy and flexible creation of universes, custom fields, benchmarks and look & feel customisation.
Quick & Advanced Search Facility Quick & Advanced Search Facility
Makes available quickly one or more assets for investment analysis.
Portfolio Analytics Portfolio Analytics
Composite portfolios can be constructed from any combination of underlying assets.


Correlation Matrix Correlation Matrix
Correlation Matrix of underlying investment assets in a portfolio is clearly reported.
Investment Buy/Sell Rules Investment Buy/Sell Rules
These customised investment rules are integrated within the investment due diligence document management section that enables easy communication and reporting to interested parties.
Asset Chart Asset Chart
Single and multiple investment asset charts can be presented by a simple click, drag and drop operation for any analytics statistical value.


Rolling Investment Returns Rolling Investment Returns
Historical rolling investment returns for different time periods are easily accessed.
Comparison & Reporting Comparison & Reporting
Flexible and easy to use report generation for viewing and downloading investment analytics in Excel®. Unlimited templates may be set up to generate custom reports.
Screen Customisation Screen Customisation
The layout, classification content and organisation of the screen is fully customisable.
Peer Group Analytics Peer Group Analytics
Undertake comparative quartile and ranking peer group analytics for any statistical value.
Optimisation & Efficient Frontier Analytics Optimisation & Efficient Frontier Analytics
Portfolios can be optimised and efficient frontiers shown graphically.
Due Diligence Management Due Diligence Management
A powerful document management system available within the database that enables efficient documentation and maintenance of notes and qualitative information.
Custom Field Creation Custom Field Creation
The option to create any customisable qualitative or quantitative variable related to any asset.
Dual Axes Chart Dual Axes Chart
The relationship between any two statistical values can be presented in a scatter chart. This relationship can combine both investment asset and assigned benchmark values.


Rolling Investment Statistics Rolling Investment Statistics
Rolling statistics for different time periods can be viewed and downloaded by a simple click, drag and drop operation.
ExcelŽ Download Excel® Download
All desired output stored in T1 Enterprise software can be downloaded into Excel® by a single click.


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