Welcome to Tao Analytics, an innovative company with ground breaking investment software technology for the investment management industry.

Tao Analytics
  • Integrate investment process and support functions
  • Remove financial cost as a barrier to the deployment of investment technology - a unique pricing proposition in the investment industry
  • Implement software technology that is scalable and enhances investment analysis
  • Designed by investment professionals for investment professionals
Who will benefit - Tao Analytics
Tao Analytics' flagship software product, T1 Enterprise, a returns based analytics tool, adds great value in the work processes of the following activities:
  • Strategy and Asset Allocation
  • Portfolio Construction
  • Fund Research
  • Performance and Risk Analytics
  • Product Development
  • Client Servicing
  • Compliance and KYC
  • Application Development
  • CIO & Investment Committee Reporting
T1 Enterprise provides solutions to organisations from all areas of the investment industry:
  • Institutional Asset Managers
  • Private Wealth Managers
  • Hedge Funds
  • Fund of Hedge Funds
  • Fund of Funds
  • Multi Managers
  • Investment Advisors
  • Investment Consultants
  • Plan Sponsors
  • Foundations
  • Family Offices
  • IFAs
  • Private Equity Firms
  • Insurance Companies
  • Stockbrokers
  • Banks
  • Individuals
  • Academic Organisations
  • Financial Media
T1 Enterprise Software Features
T1 Enterprise, provides a data hub for the storage of a wide range of quantitative and qualitative investment information.

Powerful investment analytics available in T1 Enterprise software include:
Due Diligence Management
Time Series Performance and Risk Analytics
Charting tools, statistical performance and risk analytics for single and rolling investment periods

Peer Group Analytics
Comparative percentiles and rankings peer group analytics

Information Management

Asset definition and classification, universe creation, custom field creation and management, benchmark management, security access settings, flexible look and feel customisation

Screening and Search Facilities

Quick search, advanced search and screening of funds and other assets

Due Diligence Management and Monitoring
Document management and investment buy/sell rules

Portfolio Analytics

Optimisation and efficient frontier analysis, correlation matrix and portfolio construction

Comparison and Reporting
Factsheet generation, batch processing, Microsoft
Excel® and Word® compatibility
Due Diligence Management
Comparison & Reporting
Comparison & Reporting
Comparison & Reporting
Peer Group Analytics
Comparison & Reporting
Dual Axes Chart
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